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Post-COVID-19 Jobs-to-be-done

Event details

We were invited to a London Meetup to present findings from our public jobs-to-be-done project, which looked at the work situation and related well-being of home office workers during the lockdown.

It was a special, first-time global online pandemic meetup hosted by JTBD London. COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to reach beyond our geographic boundaries.

More about our presentation:

*Home? Office? Works! A quantitative Jobs-to-be-done perspective* In a collaborative effort with the Jobs-to-be-done community Vendbridge has led a public Jobs-to-be-done project investigating how office workers get their literal Job done under the new circumstances due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In the talk, Yann presented quantitatively validated insights and drew some conclusions about what they could mean for the future of work in the next normal.

Watch the event now:

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