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Effective growth activities
in all three horizons

Customer-Focused Innovation (CFI) is offered in four formats, all tailored to your mission goals:

Turn-key projects

Get measured, prioritized customer needs and sharpened growth actions


Project coachings

Apply Jobs-to-be-done the CFI way for your challenge and learn to uncover and measure customer needs and shapren your ideas


Application workshops

Frame your Jobs-to-be-done challenge and dive into the know-how and proven CFI tools


Inspiring events

Initiate the change to more customer-focus in your organization with an inspiring event

For all three horizons

CFI has helped more than 100 teams to focus on the effective actions in all three growth horizons:

Instant acceleration
Horizon 1.png
  • Positioning and branding

  • New product launch story

  • Sales argumentation and acceleration

The next wave
Horizon 2.png
  • New product development

  • Next generation product & services

  • Digitalization

Future growth
Horizon 3.png
  • Meaningful innovation ideas

  • New market opportunities

  • Business model transformations

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