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Image by Dustin Humes

Our Growth Architects

Rethinking growth

In recent years, the concept of growth itself is debatedSince more than 20 years we work on growth and innovation. Very early on, we focused on the customer, helping our clients to measure unmet needs and direct their strategies towards those needs. During all this time we needed support from exceptional leaders who believed in us. Our growth architects.


Get inspired by five of those growth architects and read their very personal perspective on growth and how Vendbridge contributed. Some think personal development or team. Others talk about financial performance or a higher purpose. But all try to bring more value to their customers. 


Vendbridge Growth Architects

Markus Dobbefeld.png

Digital veteran

Myriam Lingg.png

Founder and CEO

Adrian Nösberger

Lateral thinker in Banking

Mirjam Reber.png

Curious builder

Stephan Peyer.png

Inspiring shaker

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