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E-Learn Jobs-to-be-done and become a Growth Architect

Jobs-to-be-done is a powerful concept to make a growth project customer-focused and successful. For UX/CX, marketing&sales, product development and strategy. While the concept is easy to understand, its application can be quite tricky.

Discover the Vendbridge Studio. Here we share our know-how from over 20 years as experts in the application and quantification of jobs-to-be-done.

That’s why we propose the Vendbridge Studio. It contains self-learning courses on how to apply and quantify Jobs-to-be-done based on our more than 20 years of experience with Jobs-to-be-done. The courses follow CFI Customer-Focused Innovation, our proprietary processto measure fuzzy customer needs and accelerate growth.  Vendbridge created CFI together with our clients in more than 100 projects, taking great care to make the outcomes actionable for fast revenue growth and business strategy.

Measure customer needs. Accelerate growth!

As a growth architect with high ambitions, you know that hitting the right customer need is what makes or breaks the success of a growth initiative. With this course you will learn how to achieve that.

The course focuses on how to uncover and measure customer needs and how to translate them into concepts that can change markets.

What is in the course?

Tools, templates, exercises and video explanations that follow the CFI process so you can apply it at the same time. In just 6 self-paced lessons you can become a growth architect!

  • Module 1: Pitfalls in designing growth initiatives

  • Module 2: Overview of the CFI process

  • Module 3: What is Jobs-to-be-done and how to frame your project

  • Module 4: How to interview customers and extract actionable insights

  • Module 5: How to quantify and prioritize the relevant customer pain points for your growth project

  • Module 6: How to spin the results to successful action

In addition every month you can join Q&A sessions to get questions answered or get coaching!

How does this course benefit you? 

By signing up for the course you can benefit from our 20 year long experience condensed into structured and easy to understand lessons. You can benefit from a detailed case study where we show how every single step of the CFI project was implemented in a real life case. You can benefit from our numerous pdf templates and excel files that aid you in organizing, analyzing and visualizing. Anything you see in the course can be recreated with the tools provided. The course is set up in such a way that enables you to run your own CFI project.  

We still want to highlight some specific examples of how you can benefit from this course depending on the field you might work in. 

Growth architects can be found in all departments. They can be CEOs, heads of product, marketing, sales or UX/CX . What makes someone a growth architect is not the title, but the mindset: Learning from customers and having the desire to develop innovative and useful products.

Vendbridge Studio is for you!

We created Vendbridge Studio with the intention of giving you the skills and tools you need for your growth mission.

Discover Vendbridge Studio:

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