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Measure customer needs. Accelerate growth!

Become a Growth Architect

As a growth architect with high ambitions, you know that hitting the right customer need is what makes or breaks the success of a growth initiative. Now you can benefit from our field expertise of 20 years of bringing growth missions to success. The key to this is now available to you: Measuring customer needs and accelerate growth.

What's in it?

The course contains tools, templates, exercises and video explanations that follow the CFI process so you can apply it at the same time. In just 6 self-paced lessons you can become a growth architect!

Lesson 1: Pitfalls in designing growth initiatives

Lesson 2: Overview of the CFI process

Lesson 3: What is Jobs-to-be-done and how to frame your project

Lesson 4: How to interview customers and extract actionable insights

Lesson 5: How to quantify and prioritize the relevant customer pain points for your growth


Lesson 6: How to spin the results to successful action


In addition every month you can join Q&A sessions to get questions answered or get coaching! Oh an did we mention that if you complete all the lessons you can get a certificate?

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