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Our global clients are larger companies and innovative technology startups. They have one thing in common:

They provide more value to the customer.

Logo of client Sonova
Logo of client UBS
Logo of client SBB
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Logo of client Financial Times
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Logo of client Hyundai
Logo of client Art Basel
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Kaan Bulut, Global Product Manager, Sonova

Kaan Bulut, Global Product Manager, Sonova

The work of Vendbridge has been directly included into our strategic growth plan. It will be implemented based on the customer insights Vendbridge uncovered.



Mobile banking for international bank

How can the usage of mobile banking applications be increased?
How to position mobile banking in comparison to e-banking and to competitor’s mobile solutions in order to maximize customer usage rates?


International medtech company

How are diagnostic test devices integrated into the daily routines of physician offices?
Which IT functions are required in order to address pain points of physicians and nurses when conducting diagnostic tests?

Spoon and Fork

Global food manufacturer

What are the worries of consumers, when dealing with food and foodstuffs in everyday life?
Which innovation projects have high success chances from a consumer point of view?


Leading art fare

What’s the direction for a digital strategy in order to develop a more intense relationship with art collectors throughout the year? How can new technologies like blockchain or virtual reality be applied to bring value to collectors and galleries?

Eckart Höfer, Senior Solution Development Manager 
Insulin Therapy, leading medtech company

Eckart Höfer, Senior Solution Development Manager 
Insulin Therapy, leading medtech company

I think back again and again to our Value Driver Project. It was very important and initiated a ton of actions in the organization.

Other accomplished projects


FIFA world football museum
How does a customer-focused museum concept based on customer needs look like? What size is the market and who are the target groups? (carried out before before the opening 2016)

Medtech company
What are the needs and difficulties of Diabetes-1 patients in everyday life? Are there differences in the different countries? How does an innovative insulin delivery system look like and what is necessary for a global market introduction?

Consumer goods manufacturer
What are the needs, motives and barriers for e-cigarette smoking in different countries? How can R&D develop innovative solutions accordingly?

Roger Krähenbühl, Head of railway production, SBB CFF FFS

Roger Krähenbühl, Head of railway production, SBB CFF FFS

We are positively surprised by how concretely we now understand customer problems and needs. Some of the results feed directly into our digital development.

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