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People don’t want Christmas gifts

«Customers don’t buy a drill. They buy a quarter-inch hole», said marketing guru T. Levitt already in the 1960s. And he meant: Think differently about how to address the needs of your customers. It seems that Levitt’s thought never made it into innovation. Not more than 10% of all new products are successful, that is, still on the market after three years and fulfilling needs. Apparently, the remaining 90% don’t fulfill customer needs.

We look at innovation from a different angle. We find the jobs that customers want to get done, and we identify the pain points where they get poor results. Only then we work on solutions, by stimulating teams to come up with new concepts or to strengthen existing ones. The outcome? Innovative product concepts with compelling value propositions and higher chances of market success.

Curious how it works? Contact us!


Beat Walther

P.S. People don’t necessarily want a Christmas gift. First and foremost, they want to be valued.


Happy holidays to you & your family and a fruitful new year!

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