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Sustainability: Eager Corporates, Stubborn Customers!

Many companies have set ambitious sustainability goals to reduce their carbon footprint in scopes 1-3 and achieve net zero by 2050. Many good initiatives have been launched to achieve this. Most of them are consumer or customer-facing such as more sustainable product alternatives, offsetting options at moment of purchase, etc.

Now however, companies realize that customers do not behave as sustainably as desired. Examples from our recent projects in sustainability:

  • leisure travel is booming and even above pre-pandemic levels

  • the greener choices in the grocery store remain a niche

  • low price beats eco-friendliness in construction and purchase of white goods

Why are customers so stubborn and prefer to talk rather than act?

For more than 20 years Vendbridge has been working on the question of changing consumer behavior. In this webinar we discussed how the Customer-Focused Innovation (CFI) process gives precise clues about how to nudge consumers towards more sustainable behaviors. CFI measures customer needs based on Jobs-to-be-done and enables companies to drive habit change, in order to implement innovative initiatives successfully.

Watch the video and find out how to nudge stubborn customers towards a more sustainable behavior and reach your sustainability goals.

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