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Drive market success in medical technology through Stakeholder-Focused Innovation

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Stakeholder-focused Innovation
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Product development in medical technology takes a lot of time, and the introduction of new products often lacks innovation and added value. Lengthy regulatory approvals and limited market acceptance are the result. In a recent report Swiss Medtech spoke of a "Valley of Death" for medtech innovations caused by too costly development processes.

Digital components of devices are increasingly becoming the focus of innovation, which brings new challenges: How can we prioritize ideas and features from the user's perspective? How can we make trade-off decisions to select what users will prefer most?

This webinar addresses the root cause of these problems: lack of or fuzzy understanding of stakeholder needs at the beginning of the development process.

In this webinar, we explain how Stakeholder-Focused Innovation provides clarity on stakeholder needs. We show how unmet needs of various stakeholders such as physicians, patients or payers become tangible and quantifiable. How performance targets and stakeholder requirements are derived for a medical technology development project.

Stakeholder-Focused Innovation is a proven approach based on Jobs-to-be-done and has been applied for large medtech companies.

Watch the whole webinar:

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