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Take the iPhone perspective!

Next time you meet with product development, try to take the iPhone perspective!

One key question is: What features should a new product offer? By this standard, the new iPhone 5 is a flop. It lacks several features that other smartphones have.

How come it is a big success instead? Because iPhone developers have asked a different question: Where do customers struggle with current smartphones in getting things done?

Parents struggle when trying to share pictures of their children with family and friends. That is really easy with the new iPhone and Photostream. Busy executives struggle to read email on the way to the gate. The iPhone 5 screen is larger and offers unbeaten sharpness. We all are annoyed when plugging in the charging cable the wrong way. That belongs to the past with the iPhone 5.

It is never about features. It is always about the jobs that customers try to get done. So, next time, take the iPhone perspective instead of looking at features. It is simple, allows to look at things in a different way and works in all industries.

Interested in taking the iPhone perspective for your business?

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