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Customer-Focused Innovation with Jobs-to-be-done

Vendbridge contribution to the Learning Festival of the National University of Singapore

Organizations are drowning in too many ideas and options. With the rise of digitalization and new technologies like AI options and ideas have exploded. Technological change is faster than ever, and new opportunities arise constantly.

But which of these ideas and options truly add value to people’s lives? How to apply new technologies to unsolved customer problems?

The Jobs-to-be-done logic provides a clear answer to such questions. It shifts the perspective away from solutions to the customers’ or users' true goal and need: The Job they want to get done. Solutions and technologies come later. The Customer- Focused Innovation approach (CFI) is a proven way to apply Jobs-to-be-done. It identifies customer problems in a concrete and granular way, measures their relevance in the market and spins solution ideas and technologies in such a way to solve still unsolved user problems. In addition, this speeds up innovation because the focus is clear and increases user adoption thanks to strong value propositions.

In the talk Beat Walther and Yann Wermuth illustrated the impact of the fact-based and proven approach using cases from software, the national Swiss railway, Medtech and others of the more than 100 times CFI has been applied.

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