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Create a scalable business from an ocean of ideas

Only 10-15% of ideas make it to market launch. Only 3% create more than €50 million revenue. Why? Most companies do not have an end-to-end process from innovation search field, to meaningful idea, to a scalable business.

Are you looking to build new businesses inside your company? Do it right to avoid failures.

To fix the process, Frank Mattes and Vendbridge joined forces. Frank is best-selling author of Lean Scaleup, an end-to-end process for corporate business building. Vendbridge is a thought leader in jobs-to-be-done and creator of CFI Customer-Focused Innovation, the only innovation process to measure customer pains to focus innovation and growth initiatives.

If you are a corporate leader and innovator, the following video shows you how to fix this broken process. We will illustrate what it brings using a case from the travel and mobility industry.

Watch the video and find out how to:

  • discover the most promising customer opportunities through measuring pain points

  • select the best idea and spin it towards a compelling value proposition and high potential to scale

  • validate the meaningful idea in a corporate context

  • transition it to Scaleup to build a successful business

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