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Are your customers committed?

If yes, they recommend your products or services to friends and colleagues. If not, they just use them with the risk to switch to other products later.

Think about yourself as a buyer. Which airline do you just use, and which do you recommend? Which supplier is not just a supplier, but also a pleasure to work with? Or which executive search firm would you directly call without considering competitors?

It is our aspiration that our clients’ customers are committed with heart and soul to the products and services we help to create.

How? By coming up with compelling Value propositions and innovative concepts that provide more value on all fronts: more functional value, more emotional value, more social value. That’s why we have developed tools to make value propositions really compelling and engaging.

An example of true customer commitment happened to us: Fernand Gouth, COO of a mid-sized company for cabling solutions, wrote a full 120 pages book about our Customer-Focused Innovation (CFI) methodology. Convinced by the approach he thoroughly examines how CFI helps to uncover customer needs, and describes the innovations he has successfully introduced as a result of it.

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