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Winning in Sales

Sales is the oxygen of every company. For startups, it’s even more crucial. Demonstrating that first customers buy, and showing a growing revenue traction convinces your investors, attracts new talents and tells the founders that they are on the right track.

Start-ups who manage to shift gear from a technology to a selling mind-set early on dramatically increase their success chances.

Having a compelling proposition, with strong lines of argumentations, drives literally all strategies and tactics in sales. It defines: -In which customer segments you want to play -How to drive the sales process, from lead generation to deal closing -How to pitch to clients to get first meetings -How to design storyline and content sales meetings with clients -What questioning tactics to develop the needs -And even what pricing strategy to deploy

In this masterclass from StartupINVEST, Beat Walther focused on three aspects: How to look at the market purely from the customer / user perspective, in order to gain a different understanding of their problems. How to design a sales-oriented value proposition that triggers the desired customer actions and forms new habits. And how to leverage the proposition for market communication and sales tactics.

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