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What does Jobs-to-be-done have to do with cooking?

Manuel Venzi, Head of Product Management at AMC, shared how product development and marketing shifted from a technology-focused to a more customer-focused approach. The AMC premium cooking system recently won the “Kitchen Innovation Award 2021” as well as the “Golden Award” – chosen by consumers for its functionality, innovativeness, product benefits and design.

Manuel talked about:

  • How a solid customer foundation was established with Jobs-to-be-done

  • How multiple solution ideas were prototyped and tested with consumers during the development phase

  • How compelling stories were created for the sales force to launch these new products

AMC is one of Europe’s most premium cookware companies. Their unique cooking system delivers superior taste with more nutrients compared to cooking with conventional pots & pans. The company steadily grew thanks to new technologies and a successful direct sales model. But in 2017 it became clear that technology alone will not be sufficient to maintain growth. A new approach was needed with products that resonated better with consumers.

At critical moments during this time, AMC was supported by Vendbridge. Vendbridge has been leading in Jobs-to-be-done since many years, and uses this powerful logic to spin growth initiatives to success. To make Jobs-to-be-done actionable, Vendbridge developed the Customer-Focused Innovation (CFI) methodology.

The webinar in full length:

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