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The pain points of today are the successful innovations of the future

We all agree, innovation is critical for growth. But only 6% of CEOs are satisfied with their innovation performance, found a recent McKinsey study.

Why this mismatch? The root cause is: companies work on innovation ideas without having a fact based view, which idea will solve customer problems that are currently not solved.

The pain points of today are the successful innovations of tomorrow. That's why we have developed Customer Focused Innovation, or CFI. With CFI we create this fact base of unsolved problems of your stakeholders. CFI looks holistically from the perspective of the customer, not from the perspective of technology or the company. It goes deep into how people measure success when using a product and quantifies the pain points of today. And it matches your ideas against those pain points to determine which idea will win. You want to hear an example? A global leader in the art market invested heavily in new technologies like blockchain, digital platforms, etc. Only by understanding the pain points of their customers, art galleries and collectors, they could shape these innovative solutions for commercial success. CFI helped more than 100 companies to develop successful innovations of tomorrow by addressing the pain points of today. In dozens of industries in B2B, B2C and healthcare. Challenge us, we love to frame it for your industry.

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