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Target the winning features: Sharpening a teacher-focused software prototype with Jobs-to-be-done

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Event slides
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Anna, Director of User Experience Research at Promethean, and her team had developed a software prototype to help teachers manage their instructional time more effectively. Promethean is a global leader in interactive displays for education and teaching software headquartered in Seattle. Based on qualitative research and internal expertise, a lot of feature ideas and functionalities were added. But: Which of these features will make teachers willing to use and administrators willing to pay for the new system?

Instead of endlessly discussing opinions and gut feel, the team decided to run a Jobs-to-be-done project following the CFI (Customer-Focused Innovation) approach by Vendbridge. The goal: To understand what are the most relevant unmet teacher needs when they plan and deliver lessons and what will be the hero features adding unique value.Vendbridge coached the research team of 15 members entirely remotely through the CFI process to ensure actionability and transfer knowledge for later use.

In the webinar Anna showed how the CFI process has brought clarity and focus to the development of the new digital prototype and how the results have helped make critical business decisions. Additionally, Anna gave a behind the scene view on the coaching project with Vendbridge.

Video of the full Event:

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