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Spreading the Gospel: Bring Jobs-to-be-done-Insights into the organization in an agile way


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Event language: German.

Customer insights alone are useless if the organization does not draw the right conclusions and actions. Hence: how can customer insights be communicated and anchored, so that teams without direct customer contact like product management decide and act in a customer-focused way?

Andreas von Criegern ( will show in this webinar how customer insights from a Vendbridge Jobs-to-be-done project are being anchored at ZKB (Zürcher Kantonalbank). With practical examples he will show how the insights are being fed in an agile way into different functions and processes like strategy and product development or into service design. This leads to higher chances of market success.

Andreas has a broad background in customer experience, product management and service design. At the ZKB together with his business partners he is developping customer-focused strategies, products and services. As author of a Jobs-to-be-done handbook and teacher at the ZHAW he is sharing his experiences and best practices of using the Jobs-to-be-done framework.

The webinar in full length:

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