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Quantification of jobs-to-be-done

Jobs-to-be-done without Value Metrics is not actionable for product development and strategy. To quantify a project you have to formulate Value Metrics for the Jobs which then can be rated by your customers. A Value Metric consists always of three components: the expected result, the unit and the context. An example for a Value Metric for the Job “to mount something on the wall” could be: That something is attached on the wall (expected result) by causing as little noise as possible (unit) in the evening (context).

Validation process means: Asking a large number of users to rate each Value Metric. The result will show you how many people in a group say, Value Metric x is very or extremely important. One project/core job with its sub jobs generates many Value Metrics which all have to be rated by the users. The result of the validation process is a Value Map that displays every single Value Metric in between the axises of importance and fulfilment. Now you see which points are important to your customers but the fulfilment is low. These are the Pain Points. You have to pay attention on these Pain Points to develop a successful strategy.

Quantification of Jobs-to-be-done is required to drive a strategy!

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