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Product Quest Podcast

The newly launched Product Quest Podcast features Beat over two exciting episodes. Beat reveals the deep impact P&G thinking has had on him when he was in charge of Pampers, unfolds his Jobs-to-be-done story and the benefits and origins of the CFI approach (Customer-Focused innovation). Below you can listen to his insights.

Yann Wermuth, Partner at Vendbridge, is one in the co-host trio of the Product Quest Podcast. Along with their guests, Yann, Scott, and Jonathan discuss in-depth topics, tools and cutting-edge approaches that help companies develop products that customers will buy and love.

Search for "Product Quest Podcast" in your preferred podcast app or visit

Episode 9: The Customer-Focused Innovation approach with Beat Walther, part 2

Episode 8: Beat Walther and Jobs-to-be-done, part1

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