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From spark to flame to wildfire: Successful plays to spread Jobs-to-be-done in your organization.

You as an innovation expert know: The Jobs-to-be-done logic is uniquely powerful to shift the perspective to an outside-in view and make change happen. JTBD can provide strong clues for developing successful innovation and build a customer mindset in the company.

But what about the others in your organisation? What about management or other functions? They might be less enthusiastic about JTBD, might not see the value of it or just have other priorities to manage. What are successful strategies and approaches to spread user-centered thinking through Jobs-to-be-done?

Vendbridge is excited to have Jim Kalbach, Chief Evangelist at Mural to discuss successful plays to spread Jobs-to-be-done in your organization. Jim is an author, speaker, and instructor on design, customer experience, collaboration, and strategy. His latest book is The Jobs-to-be-done playbook. In 2020, he co-founded the JTBD Toolkit, a comprehensive online resource on jobs-to-be-done (

Vendbridge has been applying Jobs-to-be-done for more than 20 years to accelerate growth and turn innovation initiatives into market success for companies and startups. As the leading customer insight expert, we translate business objectives into the user perspective, uncover actionable customer insights and focus growth initiatives on unmet customer needs. Our Customer-Focused Innovation method is based on Jobs-to-be-done and identifies what customers really want. Specific, un-biased and measurable.

After an initial round of short presentations by the panel the floor will also be open to audience questions.

The webinar in full length:

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