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Drowning in an ocean of ideas

Are you drowning in a notion of ideas? Companies today have become great at producing innovation ideas. But today, the problem is too many ideas. There is so much that you can work on and start doing, so many new technologies, so many new possibilities and issues. But, how do you decide where to start? How do you prioritize all those many different ideas and options? We believe that for this you must take the customer perspective. Because in the end you want to work on those ideas that have the highest chances of success in the market that actually add the most value to your customers. But how do you do this? How can customers rescue you from the ocean of your own ideas? Customers are experts for their problems. They know very well what bothers them today. And the unsolved customer problems of today are the inspiration that you need for the winning innovation of tomorrow. Our Customer Focused Innovation approach (CFI) uncovers and measures the severity of all the unsolved customer problems in a given market.

That is what the value map (a tool of our approach) shows. It shows which problems customers consider most important and which of them are not yet solved. This is how we define pain points. Once you know which problems are bugging your customers most, then managing ideas becomes easy. Based on the value map, you can now prioritize all your ideas by how well they address the most burning issues. Because the better an idea solves the pain points, the higher are the chances of success. So, grab the customer rescue ring and start focusing on the winning ideas.

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