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All about growth

Align growth initiatives with customer needs

We bring customer focus to your innovation and growth projects.


Boost your customer insight skills

We transfer our know-how and passion for the customer to you. Always on concrete projects so you can deliver business results.

Align growth initiatives

Understand your customers

Deeply understand what drives your customers, in order to design winning strategies for innovation, go-to-market or branding.


Vendbridge’s Customer-Focused Innovation methodology, proven in more than 100 projects, reveals the customer pains in a holistic, concrete and measurable way and helps spin your strategies towards unmet customer needs.

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Prioritize the innovation roadmap

Roadmaps are often overloaded and lack focus. Which idea adds most value to customers? Where are the low-hanging fruits? And which ideas do not justify the resources needed?

Your innovation roadmap is evaluated and prioritized through the lens of the customers.

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Define user-focused  product requirements

Product requirements are not prioritized from the customer perspective but from a technology point of view. Features are developed that don't provide value to the customer.

Your requirements are prioritized and written to add value from a customer perspective.

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Sharpen innovation concepts

Sometimes concepts are promising, but vague. The customer benefit is not clear, the argumentation is not convincing.

Your innovation concept is sharpened from a customer perspective.

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Boost insight skills

Jobs-to-be-done project coaching

The Jobs-to-be-done logic is easy to understand, but challenging to apply. You want to get started with this powerful concept or you are having trouble getting results, contact us.

Vendbridge coaches teams to apply Jobs-to-be-done on real projects. No matter how small or big your company or project is, we provide Jobs-to-be-done training so you deliver results while becoming a Jobs-to-be-done expert yourself.

JTBD Injector Workshop formats
Jobs-to-be-done interviewing

A crucial skill in the application of Jobs-to-be-done is interviewing customers in a Jobs-to-be-done way. 

Vendbridge train teams and individuals  learn to conduct Jobs-to-be-done interviews by themselves. Always on your concrete business challenge, so you get actionable insights on top of the new skills.

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Customer insights injector workshops

Mastering all techniques to understand customers is challenging. Some building blocks might be missing in your team.


Vendbridge injects skills from own experience with Jobs-to-be-done and general customer insight discovery. Short one-hour sprints to one-day workshops.

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